Sepio Systems is a Cloud Consulting Partner specializing in helping businesses protect their data and streamline daily operations by utilizing Cloud Services. Our Mission is to provide world-class technology solutions and support to deliver true business value to our clients. Sepio Systems: Cloud Solutions for Business.

Team Members

Ryan Foster: Founder & Chief Architect

25+ years of IT Industry Experience leading design and solution projects for many different industries. Ryan also has 3 children and is actively involved in charity within his local community.

Trace Langley: Cloud Specialist

Recent Graduate from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications and a growing expertise in cloud strategies. Trace loves the outdoors and getting to travel with his family and friends.

Kevin Miller: Design Lead

Kevin has 20 years of experience designing Web and Mobile Application User Interfaces. He has extensive knowledge of WordPress and Photoshop graphical design.

Patrick Thomas: AWS Administrator

Patrick is a certified AWS Systems Administrator with 5+ years Designing and Managing Amazon Web Services Solutions for clients.

Steven Vass: Development Lead

Steven has 15 years experience in Software Application development. He has extensive skill in AWS Dev Ops Solutions and Management.

Sepio In Action

with responsibility and consistency With the help of our AWS Cloud Based Services including Amazon Workspaces, we were able to completely eliminate their old filing system and transition all of their patient files, documents and applications directly to the Cloud. We were able to speed up their day-to-day operations using a cloud connection, it has allowed them to onboard 5 new employees in just a few weeks after switching to Amazon Workspaces. Amazon Workspaces are cloud-based virtual desktops which allows businesses to compute, store files and run applications. The transition also allowed them to run their pre-existing application Caretend at a faster rate, with more storage and security levels than ever before.

and community. The client employs over 800 school district employees. Classified and certified. Paying those employees on contract and by the hour. The client was managing the entire employment process on paper and was very difficult for them to manage and keep track of all current and retired employees. Through the help of Amazon Web Services and a Custom Software Application known as “the HUB”, we created for them, the client now has automated many of the processes previously repeated by hand. They have also cataloged and stored all employee paperwork in the cloud-based solution. With the help of a cloud-based solution and custom software we were able to secure, organize and create an application to manage all of their employees. It has streamlined and minimized their day-to-day workload.

Millwrights, pipe welders/fitters, riggers and welders of all types. Revolution was in need of a flexible and robust system to help manage the jobs their staff were working as well as track the time being spent on each Job. Sepio provided a custom cloud-based software solution to solve the problem. The new Job Management System allows employees in the field to enter in time worked and other data directly into the system via an Apple or Android Mobile App. Superintendents can also enter in job tracking information to allow the executive staff to obtain real-time job status information. The system saves the Payroll department a large amount of time by syncing the time card data directly into Revolution Industrial’s payroll system on a weekly basis.
Care to their patients is priority #1. To meet that expectation they need to manage and organize the constant flow of digital communication about patients. Everything from doctor’s orders to prescriptions to insurance claims to care plans. Doing this manually was simply not an option. Sepio stepped in and built Weber – a document flow management system. Weber handles all inbound faxes, scans and emails as they enter the office. All documents are then coded and connected to each patient. A simple search by patient name and/or medical record number will reveal ALL ongoing communications, complete with dates and documents regarding that particular patient. The system ended the days of manual data entry and provided Arizona Home Care and level of organization never before realized.
In today’s world it is important for business to meet the needs of the communication type their customer’s demand. In Law it is no different. Sepio assisted Guymon Law to move to a complete Cloud-based Communications System. Not just a phone system, Sepio leveraged its Ring Central Partnership to deliver a complete unified client communication tool to handle voice calls, faxing, texting, remote screen meetings, internal chat and mobile office calls. The system has helped Guymon Law deliver an “always on” experience to their clients that leaves the client feeling connected to the firm at a moment’s notice.
Hundreds of workers. It is critical for them to stay on top of their project management and track all field time performance. To scale, Kovach needed an automated system to allow Superintendents to document fieldwork and project status. Complete with text, images and signatures. Sepio provided a custom mobile and web based application to streamline this data management and give them real-time insight into the day-to-day operations in the business.