Amazon Web Services and the MLB have partnered to bring machine learning to America’s past time

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America’s past time just took a step into the next generation. With predicted pitches, better stats and legendary commentary all produced by machine learning software. The next level of Major League Baseball will be more tailored to the viewer than ever before. The MLB will be using Amazon’s Sage-Maker  a machine learning device that adapts and learns from sets of data to predict and make outcomes of different aspects of the game.  “The MLB also wants to use SageMaker and Amazon Comprehend to ‘build a language model that would create analysis for live games in the tone and style of iconic announcers to capture that distinct broadcast essence baseball fans know and revere,’ according to a press release. AWS announced a few new services for SageMaker that will allow users to bring their own machine-learning models to the ballpark while still taking advantage of SageMaker’s performance”. So how will we see the game of Baseball begin to change for the fans and the viewers in the upcoming seasons and years.

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