Why one University is making the switch to RingCentral

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Founded in 1887 with the far-reaching vision of linking scientific theory, research, and practice, Teachers College, Columbia University has been on the experimental and cutting edge of education for nearly 130 years. With leading faculty members in areas such as student engagement, nutritional requirements of learning, gun violence, cognitive learning, and more, the college has earned its reputation as one of the best graduate schools in the country. Chief Information Officer of the University Naveed Husain’s states “For IT to be relevant in this culture, it has to be quick to the draw”. Husain’s strategy for accomplishing this is to make IT agile and lightweight, focus on cloud-based technology, and leverage infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and software as a service (Saas) instead of building up expensive site-based hardware.  A key requirement for the new phone system was Google compatibility. The fact that RingCentral is part of the Recommended for G Suite Program selected for its high security, reliability and quality of integration with Google business tools is one reason why Husain chose RingCentral as the college’s new phone system.

Ring Central’s support for mobility was another reason Husain chose this solution. The college has master’s degree programs in Singapore and China, and faculty travel all over the world. “With Ring Central’s mobile app, faculty can have their office phones wherever they are. Having the app on their phones wherever they are. Having the app on their phones, iPads, or computer whether they’re in China, a hotel in Istanbul, or anywhere in the world, It doesn’t matter” says Husain. “All they need is an IP address and they’re good to go” The college took advantage of the ability to cyustomize RingCentral to improve saftey on campus. Using the RingCentral API, RingCentral Professional Services set up the college’s system so that when any phone on the RingCentral account dials 911 (these phones are located in all campus buildings), a text message is automatically sent to the campus security officer on duty. This will allows that person to each the site wehre the call originated without delay due to the confusion of where the call truly originated” explains Husain. “Having a partner like RingCentral that works with Google and will develop new features with corporate enterprise quality is essential” Says Husain.

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