Top 5 Assets of Cloud Technology for Small Business

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In today’s world there is a constant shift in technology and an ever growing market for more, businesses now have the capabilities to boost their growth and get more from technology with less investment. Taking advantage of this shift and technology can give your business a competitive advantage in the market without having to go through long processes of start up. With the help of cloud technology businesses now have the capabilities to make their day to day operations more efficient while saving money and scaling their operations with ease. Among all of the size and types of businesses, Small and Medium sized businesses have benefited the most out of recent cloud technology. When cloud computing first came out, it was costly and seemed only suitable for larger corporations and enterprises. But with the flexibility of cloud computing, you can get the same power, security and speed that larger organizations have for your business of any size.

With services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) you can spin up a server with custom applications tailored for your business with the speed and cost value of using a utility. What makes cloud services like AWS so efficient is you are only paying for using the servers and the features when you are using it. Unlike traditional data center and servers that most businesses run on, where servers run 24/7 and if you lose a server to theft, data breach or a freak accident, the chances of you regaining access to that data and client information is very slim. So transitioning your office or business to the cloud is a reasonable, cost effect and cutting edge IT strategy that can take your business to new heights. Here is one reason why small and medium sized businesses are viewing the cloud as an asset

Get Global Access: ” Being out of the office in this era of watertight competition is not a solution as your customers expect you to be available 24/7 and you can easily fulfill this expectation of customers through the cloud technology. By hosting your software on the cloud or using the cloud storage, you get access to your data and software from anywhere and at anytime. So it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting at your home or relaxing on a beach, your company’s data and software will not be more than a click away from you”

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